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Most people are unaware of the vast quantity of information on this subject, and yet it is one that the U.S. Government seems to have a "head in the sand" attitude toward. My own instinct as a former news reporter has convinced me that there is more to this story than we have been told, but the truth may be far different than the speculation that has evolved over the years.

Man has seen things in the sky throughout time, and often has left a written record of those sightings. Indeed, there a passages in the Bible some would attribute to alien craft in the sky. My goal is not to convince anyone that they are real, but merely to provide an opportunity for many to delve into the this topic a see what all the excitement is about. Belief in UFOs and the Abduction Phenomenon is like a religion for many, which makes it difficult to seriously investigate the claims that are made. On the other hand, skeptics also approach this subject with the same fierce attitude, and both sides often forget that there is a vast gray area in between them.

One of the most interesting aspects of the entire Santilli Alien Autopsy "film" affair has been the reaction of many who are determined to show that the sequence has been faked.  A number of similar video sequences were created to show that that the "film" could have been faked.  While some were created (or at least sponsored) by news organizations, there were a number created by private groups or individuals. 

It should be noted that the rumor of an alien autopsy in the late 40's is certainly not new; however, this "film" is the first alleged evidence to back it up. In 1972, before the issue of the Roswell Crash was revived by Charles Berlitz's 1980 book "The Roswell Incident", Robert Spencer Carr shocked the world with his revelation that he had proof that the U.S. Military had performed an autopsy of a number of aliens that they had obtained after the crash of a UFO in New Mexico. His comments were contained in a LIFE magazine article, and he also appeared at a UFO symposium in Florida.  His presentation in Florida is available Here.

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