Critchley's Parlor

"Critchley" was my nickname at Eureka College in Illinois quite a few years back.  

I am currently a Senior Software Support Engineer for House Information Resources supporting computers at the US House of Representatives.  Prior to that I worked in a Congressional office as an aide, and before that worked in the media as a radio news reporter in West Virginia and Virginia. 

During my travels I've met a number of people who had seen strange objects in the sky, and a few that swore they were alien craft from another planet. I am convinced that there is more to this than "urban legend". However, I would be the first to admit that some of ufology is "urban legend" gone berserk.

There are many reports that can't be easily dismissed, and there appears to be a rather surprising psychological reaction to that which doesn't fit our current "reality". All in all, I find that this makes the subject all that much more interesting.  

Steven W. Kaeser

And so the quest begins. . . . .

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