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Audio and Data CDs created by Kaeser Konsulting for the Fund for UFO Research and the Center for UFO Studies can provide greater insight into the genre and help promote scientific research.  Click here for a listing.

During the past 40 years I have collected a large amount of UFO related material, including audio recordings.  One audio recording, broadcast in 1974, was a special radio documentary on UFOs broadcast on WWDC  (now DC101) in Washington, DC.   This program included material obtained during a UFO Symposium in Florida that summer.  The reporter, Howard Blum, took recordings of the presentations along with  telephone interviews to produce a two hour program, with a third hour of discussion with Maj. Donald Keyhoe to review the material presented.  This material is of interest to both those who are interested in unidentified flying objects, as well as those who are interested in the sociology of the genre.   Some of the material will be made available here for personal use.

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--- NEW --- [updated 5/14/02]

Classic Interviews from the very early days of Modern Ufology

Project Sign researcher Wendy Connors has collected hundreds of hours of audio programming related to ufology.  Listening to these clips provide a trip back through time.  Listening to the voice provides a closeness not found in the written word.  It was also a period of great technological transitions which impacted how society viewed the world around it.  These clips are being provided courtesy of Wendy Connors, and are available directly from Wendy Connor's Faded Disc Archive on CD-ROM or Cassette.  Wendy may be reached at 

Wendy Connors
P.O. Box 8552
Albuquerque, NM 87198

1 - Kenneth Arnold Interviewed by Bill Berquette on June 25, 1947.

[24-bit, Stereo] Kenneth Arnold Interview [1.2 MB]

2 - ABC Headline Edition: Taylor Grant's July 7, 1947 newscast of disc recovery by roswell Army Air Field personnel.

[24-bit, Stereo] Taylor Grant Report [637 KB]

3 - ABC Radio broadcast of July 10, 1947, Search for Flying Saucers, with WalterKlernon:

[24-bit, Stereo] Walter Klernon Report [2.4 MB]

4 - CBS Radio Special Report, Case for the Flying Saucers, with Edward R. Murrow (aired in May, 1949):

[24-bit, Stereo] CBS Special Report [5.5 MB]

These clips are being provided courtesy of Wendy Connors and the Project sign Research Center. 


--- NEW --- [updated 5/5/02]

Assorted Long John Nebel audio clips

Before Art Bell, the nighttime airwaves were owned by Long John Nebel, who broadcast from the studios of WOR in New York.  As I am able to convert old reel tapes of these shows to Digital, I will post a few that may be of interest.  These quality of many of these clips is fair, but they are also rather large and will take some time to download. 

LJN February 5, 1958
Part A

Guests were:Arthur C. Clarke, Cortland Hastings, Charles Leedham, Major Wayne Aho.and the discussion revolved around the reality of UFOs.  Clarke is a well known skeptic. Part 1
[47 Min - - 8,225 KB]
LJN February 5, 1958
Part B
Guests were:Arthur C. Clarke, Cortland Hastings, Charles Leedham, Major Wayne Aho.and the discussion revolved around the reality of UFOs.  Clarke is a well known skeptic. Part 2
[48 Min - - 8,351 KB]
LJN February 5, 1958
Part C
Guests were:Arthur C. Clarke, Cortland Hastings, Charles Leedham, Major Wayne Aho.and the discussion revolved around the reality of UFOs.  Clarke is a well known skeptic. Part 3
[76 Min - - 13,671 KB]

LJN Novwember 16, 1958

Jackie Gleason phone conversation about flying saucers.
[65 Min - - 11,973 KB]

---NEW--- [updated 5/14/02]

The original taped interview of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, Jr. by the Pascagoula, MS Sheriff's Department

This recording was obtained from Wendy Connors and William Jones, who have agreed that this audio clip should be made available to researchers.  Recorded within a couple of hours following their abduction, this 30 minute recording was made without Mr. Hickson or Mr. Parker's knowledge and had not been known to exist to the general crypto-aeronautic community until now.

During the early 1960s and through the 1970s, researchers would record radio newscasts, etc. on reel to reel tape recorders and share these and taped letters among themselves. Richard T. Lee was one of these early researchers who was interested in the metaphysical, including the crypto-aeronautic phenomena. It is from his collection that this tape (much deteriorated) has been recovered, preserved and prevented from being lost to future generations of researchers and crypto-aeronautical historians.

This recording is extremely valuable both to abduction researchers and for its historical aspects. The sound quality is rather substandard, as normally found with law enforcement recordings from the period, but is listenable. The recording has been digitally preserved and transferred to CD format. The interview lasts approximately 30 minutes with Hickson and Parker promising to return the following day to the Sheriff's Department to give a formal statement.

Perhaps the most crucial importance of the recording lies in the fact that Hickson and Parker relate the experience within a few hours of the abduction and the listener can hear their confusion, fear and astonishment (not just to the Sheriff's deputies, but among themselves when they remain alone in the room) at what they had just experienced.

This clip is being provided with the following restrictions:

Warning- The audio quality of this old recording is poor.  At present this is available only as a single downloadable file.  Two versions are offered: 

Hickson/Parker Sherrif's Department Interview (5.4 MB) [24-bit, Stereo] 

  Hickson/Parker Sherrif's Department Interview (1.8 MB) [8-bit, Mono]


Professor Robert Carr/Crash Recovery-Autopsy Description

What was probably the most bizarre claim at the Symposium was commentary offered by Professor Robert Carr.  He not only described the circumstances surrounding the recovery of alien bodies from a downed craft, but also their autopsy and the results they found.  In 1997 I transcribed that section of the tape and put the text up on a web site.  For those who are interested the audio portion is divided into two segments:

Professor Robert Carr Transcribed Text

Professor Robert Carr (Segment 1) (3.6 MB)

Professor Robert Carr (Segment 2) (1.6 MB)

Charles Hickson Abduction Case

In 1973 an incident occurred in Pascagoula, Mississippi in which two men were abducted while fishing.  That incident has been the subject of numerous web pages, including one that describes UFO sightings in Mississippi.

One of the two men, Charles Hickson, spoke at the Florida Symposium and gave a description of the incident.

Charles Hickson (Segment) (1 MB)

J. Allen Hynek was contacted by telephone for his comments on both Robert Carr's claims and the Pascagoula case.  Hickson was also  interviewed at his home and provided additional information.

Hynek/Hickson Segment (2.9 MB)

Herbert Schirmer Abduction in 1967

In December 1967, Police Sgt. Herbert Schirmer was involved in an abduction incident near Ashland, Nebraska.  In brief, Schirmer was on patrol in the early hours of the morning when, on the outskirts of town, he saw something on the highway that he thought was a broken-down truck.  As he neared the object, lights on it began blinking faster and faster. Schirmer turned his vehicle headlights on the object and saw that it was not a truck. He got out of his vehicle and approached the object, and it took off into the sky and disappeared. When Schirmer started to write the incident in his log, he found that he could not account for half an hour.  Under hypnosis, Schrimer revealed a typical abduction incident.

Schirmer described his experience for the attendees in Florida

Police Sgt. Herbert Shirmer Segment (4.4 MB)

Some of those originally involved in the investigation provided additional information. 

Hypnotist/Anesthesiologist Comments on Schirmer Case (1.4 MB)

Another audio clip that may be of interest:

1997 SwissAir Air Traffic Controller audio 

In 1997 a SwissAir airliner was rapidly approached by an unidentified object after.  This incident is described in detail by the Alberta UFO Study Group:

AUFOSG SwissAir report

With an FOIA request an audio tape of the conversation between the pilots and Air Traffic Controllers was obtained.  Two version of this audio clip are being made available (however, for the most part, both contain the same information).  The first is the full audio clip, and the second edits out much of the "dead air" when no one is talking:

Swissair Clip (Segment 1) (696 KB)

Swissair Clip (Segment 2) (357 KB)

[This incident has been researched and the report, Near Miss With a UFO: Swissair Flight 127 by Don Berliner and Robert Durant is available from the Fund for UFO Research, and is described on the FUND's web site (the last item listed on the page)]

Long John Nebel Program (Circa 1958)

Long before Art Bell, Long John Nebel owned the airwaves at night.  Broadcasting from a studio in New York, his program often dealt with unusual subjects that were designed to attract the overnight audiance, and many times that meant UFOs were the subject of discussion. 

On January 22, 1958 the Armstrong Circle Theatre created a controversy in the field of Ufology when the audio portion of the broadcast when Maj. Donald Keyhoe attempted to make a statement at the end of the show that had not been a part of the "approved" script.  In addition to Maj. Keyhoe, the pilot who had helped to coin the phrase "Flying Saucer", Kenneth Arnold, had been scheduled to appear on the show.  However, he declined to take part after he had arrived in New York.

Long John Nebel discussed the controversy surrounding the program on his overnight talk show on March 9th/10th, 1958.  The first hour of his four hour program has been converted to .wav format, which includes his telephone conversation with the Producer of the Armstrong Circle Theater, Kenneth Arnold (who declined at the last minute to take part in the program) and others. 

Long John Nebel Broadcast (First Hour) (9.9 MB)

1980 Rendelsham Encounter Incident/Col. Charles Halt Tape

In December of 1980 an incident occurred near the Bentwaters US Air Force base in England in Rendelsham Forest that remains a UFO mystery today.  A description of the incident is available at  http://bjbooth.topcities.com/Rendelsham.html, and a new book on the event has been written by Georgina Bruni entitled "You Can't Tell the People".  Information on that publication can be found at http://www.rense.com/general4/cant.htm

While investigating the mysterious lights that were seen in the Forest, Col. Charles Halt recorded a description the event as it unfolded on a small tape recorder, and the audio from that tape is available here.  Halt's original miniature cassette is now held by Colonel Sam Morgan, and this 18 minute audio clip is a direct copy of that tape: 

Col. Charles Halt Tape (Section 1) (3.1 MB)

WEOK 1966 Radio Program

On February 19, 1966 WEOK radio aired an interview with W. D. "Bill" Donovan, who was then the Chairman of the NICAP Sub-Committee in New York City.

WEOK Radio Program  (6.6 MB)
Nicky Campbell's "Into the

  WLEE 1965 Radio Program "Impact"

On March 7, 1965 the program "Impact" was aired on WLEE in Richmond, VA. This program focuses on the role of NICAP in the investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects and features (then) Acting-Director Richard Hall.

WLEE Radio Program Part 1  (2.5 MB)

WLEE Radio Program Part 2  (3.1 MB)

"Spots Before Our Eyes -- Or Are They?"

Produced in late 1965 or 1966 by the International Broadcast News Service, this program provides an overview of ufology.  This highly produced and is primarily a number of sound clips brought together to tell a story.

Spots Before Our Eyes  (Part 1)  (3.6 MB)

Spots Before Our Eyes (Part 2)  (1.1 MB)

Nicky Campbell's "Into The Night" w/ Tim Good

On June 19, 1991, Timothy Goode appeared on the popular Nicky Campbell show.  The program, "Into The Night"  is on National Radio One in Great Britain. 

Timothy Good (Part 1)  (1.5 MB)

Timothy Good (Part 2)  (2.5 MB)

Timothy Good (Part 3)  (2.8 MB)

Excerpts of Stanton Friedman's Presentation in Bethesda, MD in 1998

Stanton Friedman has been on the quest for UFO information for more than thirty years, and in some circles he is considered to be one of the founding fathers of Ufology.  Recorded during a slide presentation, these clips provide a good picture of his views on this subject.  While is references slides that cannot be seen, his views and beliefs are clearly explained.  While the entire presentation is not included here, each clip is (itself) unedited.

Friedman Clip 1 (650 KB) Stanton Friedman on "Where he is coming from"
Friedman Clip 2 (1.3 MB) Referring to a few slides in his presentation, Friedman outlines a few "hopeful" signs from the Government
Friedman Clip 3 (927 KB) It's amazing how few documentaries actually discuss the available "documents" from the Government
Friedman Clip 4 (   1 MB) A few good sources of information for those who really want to know what has been researched and documented.
Friedman Clip 5 (710 KB) The Gallup Poll should provide some protection against retaliation if a scientist's interest in the subject draws fire from others.
Friedman Clip 6  (1.6 MB) Science says you can't get there from here, but Friedman says that just not true
Friedman Clip 7  (   1 MB) The Betty Hill Star Map is an important development that remains unexplained according the Friedman
Friedman Clip 8  (1.7 MB) Crashed saucers, including an incident in Roswell in 1947
Friedman Clip 9  (652 KB) Friedman discusses a few facts surrounding the MJ-12 documents
Friedman Clip 10 (437 KB) Friedman describes some of the important cases and says we are dealing with a Cosmic Watergate
Friedman Clip 11 (1.2 MB) The trials and tribulations of seeking information through the FOIA process (or How I learned to love the NSA)

[additional material will be made available at a later time]

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